The solution is temporary

The solution is temporary is a contemporary dance and physical theatre work which uses text portraying a personal story as well as every day matters, moments and memories of a young adult.


The work uses two pieces of Spoken word poetry written by Doc Luben and Patrick Rouche. It is divided into scenes that occur and create stories within the story.

The direct referral to the text in this episodical work allows for the two stories to intertwine and creates personal and revealing moments in relation to weightily subjects such as death, alcoholism and sexual orientation, as well as to every day moments and thoughts which pass us by constantly.

Choreography: Lee Brummer & cast
Original music: Sascha Budimski
Written text: Doc Luben, Patrick Rouche
Creative cast: Minna Mannelqvist, Ruth Hansen, Olivia Löfvander, Simona Avelli, Simon Larsen, Julia Svensson, Elias Kraft, Torill Kolsrud, Mieke Kriegesvelt, Tyson Olson
Costume: Lee Brummer
Light: Johan Bjellsäter
Running time: Approx 32 mins
Premiere: 19th August 2017, Smålands musik och teater Jönköping, Sweden.