An I for an I

An I for an I is a multidisciplinary performance which explores the subjective self. It questions what makes us who we are, and what makes us individuals.


As humans, our physical being continuously changes; An I for an I reflects on the correspondence between the ever changing physical body and the constant matter within us. What is this grid or frame of “self” on which we hang?

The creation process engaged a diverse group of international performers that were especially chosen for the making of the work. This included over eighteen months of research and exploration on the subject matter.

The performance outcome is based on autobiographical events of the cast. They reveal stories, thoughts and ideas related to their past and present, such as pivotal incidents which they feel have led them to be the individuals they are today.

The soundtrack contains interviews with the performers embedded in the original music score by Domenico Angarano.

Choreography: Lee Brummer
Original music: Domenico Angarano
Performing cast: Eytan Sivak, Siri Elmqvist & Gavriel Spitzer
Creative cast: Nadja Sellrup, Eytan Sivak, Siri Elmqvist, Gavriel Spitzer & Joseba Yerro Izaguirre.
Costume: Aviad Arik Herman
Light: Ben Cowens
Running time: Approx 45 mins
Premiere: 17th February 2016, Dansmuseet Stockholm, Sweden.