Created as part of iCoDaCo 2016

BABULUS is a physical, dramatic and captivating performance with dance, theatre and music which deals with concepts of language, identity, nationalism and otherness and is performed in an Intimate setup.


BABULUS brings together five international recognised dancer-choreographers who present this compelling but raw work; Collaborating Welsh duo Gwyn Emberton and Eddie Ladd join the directors of Swedish based ilDance, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer and Finnish Choreographer Johanna Nuutinen who all come from very different artistic backgrounds and have a diverse variety of creative voices. The five expose the joys, challenges and pitfalls of making a show together.

With dance, song and storytelling across multiple languages, BABULUS questions the how any why of communication and what we do when we can not hide behind words. It questions what happens when our means to communicate is taken away from us and if censorship and self-censorship are one and the same. What happens to the notion of collaboration when there are so many different voices? Who has the authority? Will the work ever get made and is it really about communication at all?

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Directed Choreographer and performed by: Israel Aloni, Lee Brummer, Gwyn Emberton, Eddie Ladd & Johanna Nuutinen
Original music: Oscar Collin
Lighting design & space design: Joe Fletcher
Assistant director/ Dramaturg: Sara Lloyd