About Us

ilDance is an international and independent contemporary dance company and organisation which initiates and operates several pioneer and international projects. The company was founded in 2012 by its current Artistic Directors, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer and it is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ilDance also invests in the evolution of artists at all stages, from education and through to professional practice, and throughout the year we facilitate many activities which reveal the making processes of contemporary dance to non-dancer audiences.

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ilDance was established after Aloni & Brummer worked in Sweden and internationally as independent artists as well as having been involved in each other’s work for many years. They wanted to create an entity which would enrich and cultivate both their creative practices as individual artists and offer them the possibility to co-create and develop an additional voice as an artistic duo.

In March 2012, IlDance presented SOD in collaboration with VI Production led by Daniel Isakson. The new work was the first co creation by Brummer and Aloni and premiered at Atalante in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since then Brummer & Aloni have choreographed individual works, works as the artistic duo carrying the name of the company – ilDance, and occasionally in collaboration with other independent artists worldwide.

While structuring ilDance, Aloni and Brummer identified numerous challenges and voids in the existing systems in which artists like themselves strive to express their artistic voices. With this discovery, they choose to form new opportunities and original platforms to assist and support contemporary dance artists to excel.

As a result, ilDance organically evolved and furthermore became a platform and infrastructure for the implementation of Aloni & Brummer’s beliefs in terms of contemporary dance production and facilitation. These beliefs emphasise inclusion, sharing and linking between individual artists and communities.

At ilDance, our activities and productions vary in size and content from intimate and personal to large and global. We mount original contemporary dance productions as well as work with other international choreographers and continually collaborate with other organisations on projects that enhance and stimulate the visibility of contemporary dance and its impact on our society. By doing so, ilDance bridges and connects between numerous aspects of contemporary dance on local, regional, national and international scales.

Some of our activities are ongoing and reoccurring, these include iCoDaCo, ilYoung and ilDance in Australia.

ilDance operates on a hybrid model which has been uniquely developed by its directors. The creativity, bravery and agility that are so strongly felt in ilDance’s choreographic practices, also guide the company’s operation and production methodologies. Aloni and Brummer believe that the innovation and flexibility of artists does not end within the realm of a creation process but can and should also inform the practices of production and management.