Photo credit: Ascaf

Photo credit: Ascaf

As part of our ongoing national and international activities, ilDance operates the official Swedish Branch of Gaga Movement Ltd.


ilDance initiates and facilitates Gaga activities across Sweden in complete collaboration and partnership with the Gaga Movement Ltd. head office in Tel Aviv. Thanks to this pioneer collaboration between ilDance and Gaga Movement Ltd., our team can help you find tailor-made possibilities to incorporate Gaga in your activities.

Gaga – Ohad Naharin’s Movement Language

The language of Gaga originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement. “We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement; we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are ready to snap, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.”
Ohad Naharin

We facilitate and coordinate:

Gaga/dancers, which is the daily training of Batsheva Dance Company members, is now taught also for other dancers across the globe. Gaga/dancers classes are open to professional dancers or advanced dance students.

Gaga/people classes are open to the public and available for anyone. No previous dance experience is needed.

Ohad Naharin’s repertoire classes and workshops
Repertoire workshops of Ohad Naharin’s choreographic works for professional dancers and advanced dance students.


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