iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective) is a biennial artist led project initiated by ilDance. In each cycle a new production is created by a collective of international artists who gather to venture in a multilayered collaboration.


Through an organic process, ilDance’s artistic directors connect a group of artists who perpetuate an intriguing balance of similarities and differences to one another. The gathering process is based mainly on one to one, personal and artistic stimulant. We purposely select artists who we are intrigued by and believe can stimulate the project by contributing their own voice and sharing their artistic practice.

What makes iCoDaCo unique are the personal and artistic histories of each individual, the development of ideas, concepts, forms and theories that are caused by these immersive meetings and the artistic manifestation of the mentioned ongoing joint exploration between these artists together with the fact that the project is entirely directed by the artists themselves.

iCoDaCo includes a creation of a new contemporary dance and/or performance work. The creation process takes place in several international residencies. 

Ordinarily these residencies take place in different cities in the countries that are represented in the collective of that specific cycle. The creation process is vastly transparent and the collective shares the different stages of making with the community in which the creation process is hosted. In order to invite and include the general public of these communities the collective also holds workshops, open classes, studio showings, audience discussions and other activities. 

The experiences during these additional activities as well as the personal meetings between the iCoDaCo artists and individuals form the local community also offer a great source of context to the work that is being made throughout the journey of iCoDaCo.

Later in the process, iCoDaCo returns to perform the final version of the work in the hosting communities as well as other geographical locations in the countries that are represented in the collective.

Due to the unique nature of iCoDaCo and the immense importance of the individual voice of each of the participating artists, the project’s silhouette slightly varies with each edition. 

iCoDaCo was initiated to facilitate a rare opportunity for artists from different countries to genuinely collaborate, using their art form as a mean and medium.

ilDance ignited iCoDaCo in order to demonstrate a microcosms where individuals find common ground and are willing to jointly create and evolve. We felt the need to offer a genuine opportunity for the manifestation of co-creation, collaboration and support of people who come from diverse backgrounds and are willing to take the time and make the effort to find meeting points with those who are different to themselves.

iCoDaCo has included artists: Idan Sharabi (Israel), Sharon Vazanna, (Israel), Gwyn Emberton (Wales) Ido Batash (Israel) Johanna Nuutinen (Finland), Luke Pell (Scotland) and Oscar Collins (Sweden) working alongside ilDance’s directors and choreographers Israel Aloni & Lee Brummer.