Core Values

Our core values are collaboration, diversity, inclusion, non-conformism, sharing, connecting, linking and bridging. We are inspired by synergy and believe in the power of correlation to strengthen the impact of contemporary dance on the environment in which it is created as well as on its audiences.

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ilDance is a multifaceted organisation which brings together multitalented individuals with great passions and care towards their art form and environment. By investing our diverse capabilities into our various programs and productions we bring to life what we believe are necessary processes and activities within the contemporary dance ecology.

We intentionally obtain a realistic and broad overview which enables us to gain a profound understanding of the necessities in our community. With a broad context to guide us, we construct and support the links and bridges between the different elements which can jointly offer an enhancing solution.

We strongly believe in inclusion and sharing. We continuously strive to ignite and operate projects which benefit from a collective effort and investment from various partners and participants. We advocate for creative thinking which offers a greater profit and gain from every resource and means that we come across, both for the artists and public with whom we engage.

We at ilDance continuously challenge the extent of our outreach and the depth of our projects in order to maximise the resonance of our activities and optimise the use of the resources that we gather.

We are great believers in the power and importance of contemporary dance as a non-verbal art form which broadens, exceeds and overcomes physical, mental, social and political limitations.

Working with the human body offers us an endless range of expressions and actions to communicate with people and societies as well as inspire them to reconnect to meaningful values.

Despite living and working in the digital era, where human expressions and connections are often forced to be translated into electricity and digital data, we at ilDance strongly relate to the more primary, biological and psychological being of humans.

We passionately believe that every person’s life is rich in meaning and complexed and we cherish that.

We trust that every person carries a collection of interesting and inspiring stories with them, from their own life journey and from the places in which they come from. We are inspired by the intricate and sophisticated evolution of the self in both the personal and the social contexts. We believe that contemporary dance which respects and investigates the dimension of this self, can connect individuals and societies across geographical and cultural borders.

Aloni & Brummer’s choreographic work is passionate, engaging and exciting. We at ilDance, believe in the potential that exists in the magnetic field between the performance and the audience and the exchange through co-existence of content from the performance and from each audience member’s own self. This is what leads us to find the excitement and transcendence that is in our contemporary dance.

ilDance stands for diversity and inclusion, we see all individuals as equal regardless of their race, age, gender and social economic status. We believe that art acts beyond the conservative tags which are forced upon individuals by society. We cater for broad audiences and include vast, diverse and multicultural individuals in our activities.