Two works, two choreographers, one theme. An international contemporary dance co-production with six performers from all over the world.


Aloni and Kuperberg, converse passionately about the power of belief: How can humans sacrifice their own lives or someone else’s life for an abstract concept such as God, love, religion and art?

The acknowledgement of that mutual curiosity lay the ground for this contemporary dance production which is ignited by this quest.

The ritualistic and spiritual aspects of dance and music offer valuable tools for exploration and exposure of such obscure aspects of humanity.

Godlike presents two works by two choreographers, involving the same cast. Between Us. Here, There, Yet Nowhere by Israel Aloni and One Of Us by Odelya Kuperberg. The two works compliment and support each other in one program. However, each work is a complete world and therefore the works can be performed independently of each other.

Godlike is designed to perform mainly in spiritually significant venues/locations such as churches, religious study centers, temples etc. Other types of venues are negotiable.

“...a remarkable international cast controls the varying intensities of the movement patterns created by Aloni and Kuperberg, each in their own language. The two worlds might seem independent from each other but beyond the differences they create a unique harmony which, like the music, presents an additional dimension to both works and their mutual quests - what is a human and who are the ones facing life and faith.”
Zvi Goren, Habama, March 2016.

Between us. Here, there, yet nowhere.
by Israel Aloni

The potential
The unknown
The perhaps and the maybe

I fear thee
For thee I am

From within outwards, I lose myself in you.
You are here, there and nowhere.

You are now one of us
by Odelya Kuperberg

The dancer searches for meaning, in a movement which leads nowhere.

Choreographers: Israel Aloni & Odelya Kuperberg
Dancers: Laerke Appelon, Lukasz Pzytarsky, Rachelle Rapisardi, Scotty Ewen, Meitar Bason.
Singer/performer: Yonit Tobi
Intern for creation process: Minna Mannelqvist
Original soundtrack: Didi Erez
Costumes design: Michal Copelluto
Light design: Ben Cowens
Premiere: February 29, 2016 Tel Aviv, Israel.
Additional performances: Jerusalem, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Stockholm.


Godlike was made possible with the support and assistance of Kulturbryggan, Göteborgs Stad, Interreligösa Centret and Västra Götalandsregionen.