#ghetto draws inspiration from various examples of isolation and segregation throughout history and from our current time.


The performance takes the audience and the performers on a thrilling and edgy journey in an environment where love, beauty and joy are at risk due to the stretch of time in such hostile conditions.

During the creation process of #ghetto, Aloni and the cast drew inspiration of extreme pivotal happenings in history such as the operation of concentration camps during WW2 and referred to the similarities between them and refugee camps of our time.

What is the value and healing power of hope, beauty and love in an environment where tomorrow is not guaranteed?

#ghetto corresponds with elements from the script play Bent by Martin Sherman. It examines the depth in which individuals can emotionally connect with one another, as if to be rescued by their mind and heart’s ability to fantasize whilst their physical bodies are severally tortured.

In #ghetto, the performers and the public are united by a continuous silence which is only interrupted and modified by particularly composed live sounds made by the performers and seemingly intertwined with their movements and compositions.

Concept: Israel Aloni
Choreography: Israel Aloni & cast
Creative cast: Tyson Olson, Mieke Kriegesvelt, Simon Larsen, Elias Kraft, Julia Svensson, Torill Kolsrud, Ruth Rebekka Hansen, Minna Mannelqvist, Simona Avelli, Olivia Löfvander Stribeck
Light design: Johan Bjellsäter
Stage design: Israel Aloni & Johan Bjellsäter
Costumes: cast
Costume design advice: Linnea Bågander
Premiere: August 2017 Smålands Musik och Teater, Jönköping.