Something to do, someone to love, something to look forward to

This work is currently in development.

A new multidisciplinary work which advances conversions of movement and text mediation in a performance context. Lee Brummer, together with the cast develops a unique and brave language which utilises particular and articulated movements with spoken text. Both are equally important for the creation of the dramatic content of the piece.


The piece sits on the exciting border between contemporary dance and physical theatre and presents a new threshold of possibilities as the two mediums intertwine. It will involve text from the book “too soon old, too late smart” by which Brummer was inspired to start developing this piece.

The Author of the book Gordon Livingston is a physician and psychiatrist in profession and in his personal life, also a father twice bereaved.

The piece examines the notion of content and questions the constant desire to achieve. Many people exhaust themselves during the stressful pursuit of fulfilment. What are we all actually striving for?

Exposing lives filled with challenges, triumphs, loss, love, or at times the lack there of, the piece addresses the constant struggle to mediate between one’s inner politics and the pressuring expectations from society. It suggest that life as such might be just that constant attempt to identify the meaning of it all and perhaps the real triumph is one’s ability to insist on the attempt.

Choreography: Lee Brummer & Cast
Creative collaborators: Allie Graham, Skip Willcox, Hampus Bergenheim, Alma Michold, Lukasz Przytarski
Original Soundtrack: Sascha Budimski
Co-Producer: CATAPULT Dance Choreographic Hub (Newcastle, AUS)
Premiere: Spring 2020 exact date to be confirmed