Gaga activity in Sweden this October by Lee Brummer

Photo: Gadi Dagon

Photo: Gadi Dagon

Stay tuned during the upcoming months when ilDance brings Gaga to different partners and collaborators in Sweden. See the list of upcoming activities and be sure to check in to the open and drop in classes!

More information and details about all the classes can be found HERE

Oct 6th-  Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad,     OPEN CLASS PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE

Oct 14th-  Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad,    DROP IN CLASS- All welcome!

Oct 15th-  Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad     DROP IN CLASS- All welcome!

Oct 16th- Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad      DROP IN CLASS- All welcome!

Oct 17th-20th Gaga/dancers via Danscentrum Stockholm

                 Danscentrum members as well as DROP IN possibility for dancers

Oct 17, 19, 21 Gaga/dancers, Gaga/people & Ohad Naharin repertoire classes at Kulturama 


Oct 18th- Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad      DROP IN CLASS- All welcome!

Oct 20th- Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad      DROP IN CLASS- All welcome!

Oct 27th-  Gaga/people via AnnaReet Gillblad      OPEN CLASS PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE


Watch this space for more classes across Sweden coming soon         

iCoDaCo at The Work Room, Glasgow by Lee Brummer

Lee Brummer & Israel Aloni in rehearsals of "BABULUS" at The Work Room

Lee Brummer & Israel Aloni in rehearsals of "BABULUS" at The Work Room

The iCoDaCo collective has been having a fabulous time over the past 10 days, diving deeper into the creation process of the new work BABULUS, while in residency at The Work Room, in Glasgow, Scotland.

Gwyn Emberton, Eddie Ladd, Johanna Nuutinen and ilDance's directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer were joined by space and lighting designer Joe Fletcher and dramaturg Luke Pell and have formed new ideas, thoughts and materials which have taken the creation of BABULUS to the next level.

This week the collective held a showing, inviting the local public to share the process, materials and ideas. The collective enJoyed the feedback session with the audience and found the comments and insight helpful and thought provoking.

 The process continues for the rest of this week and then the collective meet again in Wales at the end of the month.

BABULUS premiers at Stora teatern in Gothenburg on the 22nd of November.

Press HERE to purchase tickets

iCoDaCo 2016 by Lee Brummer

What: Studio showing – BABULUS by  iCoDaCo (International Contemporary Dance Collective)
When: Friday the 26th of August at 13:30
Where: The large dance studio at Stora Teatern.

After two week of residency at Stora Teatern, hosted by Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival, the artists in iCoDaCo 2016 would like to invite public to view materials from their development.

The showing will be followed by an artist talk with the international artists who are participating in iCoDaCo 2016. The talk will address multicultural and international collaborations,  the unique characteristics of iCoDaCo as an artist led international project, the individual practices of each artist in the collective as well as the subject matter of BABULUS, the piece that the collective will be making throughout this process. The talk will be casual and inclusive. The public will be encouraged to participate by presenting questions to the artists or sharing from their personal and individual experiences. We have a limit to how many people we can invite into the studio so we kindly ask you to sign up if you are planning to join us.

Sign up HERE (

Please note: There will be a meet up at the main entrance of Stora Teatern 15 min before the showing (13:15) and a volunteer from the festival will show you the way to the dance studio upstairs.

CATHARSES at Abundance 2016 by Lee Brummer

CATHARSES which was created in 2014 by Israel Aloni and explores dimensions of the female form which are beyond the confining social mandates, will be performing at ABUNDANCE 2016 festival in Karlstad on the 8th-9th  September. (Specified info below).

During the festival Israel Aloni will be leading a workshop “Movement beyond the foreseen – simplified complexity” where he will share his choreographic research and movement language. The workshop will take place on the 9th of September at 13:00 - 14:30 at Dansstudion, Studio 54

Aloni will also lead a lecture/public discussion “The identity of contemporary dance” about the current state of contemporary dance as an ever changing art form. The Discussion will take place on the 10th of September at 10am at Värmland Museum For more info, click here.

ilYoung 2016 on tour by Lee Brummer

Catch ilDance’s junior company ilYoung performing 2 new works on tour across Sweden: 'On and on' by Israel Aloni & dancers, 'The better risen' by Lee Brummer & dancers.

Tour dates and times:
Sep 3rd, 18.00 Stockholm: Scen studio fyra, Balettakademien
Sep 4th, 13.00 Stockholm: Scen studio fyra, Balettakademien
Sep 5th, 18.00 Gothenburg: Balettakademien Gothenburg
Sep 6th, 13.00 Gothenburg:  Balettakademien Gothenburg
Sep 17th, 18.00 Härnösand: Fyren (Norrdans)
Sep 18th 13.00  Härnösand: Fyren (Norrdans)

For bookings: