ilYoung 2018 performances / by Lee Brummer

ilDance’s junior company, ilYoung, tours across Sweden with the new work “Q&A” choreographed by Rachel Erdos and cast.

About the work:

Psychologist Arthur Aron, together with a group of research colleagues published the article "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness.”(1977). Aron assembled 36 predefined questions designed for dialogue between two strangers so that they gradually become more and more personal. According to the study, openness to another person and placing oneself in a position of vulnerability develops strong intimacy that will lead to immediate love.   

Between a talk show and Sunday confession ‘Q&A' shares intimate moments from the performers’ lives and creates an event, more like a sharing than a traditional performance. Ultimately we are all looking for connections with other people. These 36 questions are a way of breaking down barriers and getting to know the individual. If we used this experiment and questions not only to find love but mutual understanding and a connection between people both within the same community and within different communities then we can increase understanding and tolerance.

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