BACK 2 BACK on tour this October! / by Lee Brummer

This October ilDance comes to Bastionen in Malmö and to Martin Mutter in Örebro with a new program: BACK 2 BACK.

The program, a captivating double bill of sensorial and powerful contemporary dance, consists of 2 works, Catharses (2014) by Israel Aloni and An I for an I  (2016) by Lee Brummer, which will be performed back to back by a brilliant cast. 

Dates, venues and tickets:

10th October 19.00- Bastionen Malmö TICKETS

11th October 19.00- Bastionen Malmö TICKETS

13th October 14.00 Martin Mutter Örebro (School performance)

13th October 19.00 Martin Mutter Örebro TICKETS

14th October 18.00 Martin Mutter Örebro TICKETS

More information can be found here: BASTIONEN, MARTIN MUTTER