15 Things you may not have known about ilDance / by Lee Brummer


1) Since ilDance was founded in 2012, the company has worked in 12 out of 21 regions in Sweden. In the summer of 2017, we will be working in Jönköping & Östergötland two regions which we have not worked in before. 

2) In it’s five years of existence, ilDance has initiated and/or participated in projects and activities in 17 different countries. ilDance’s international activity will continue to expand over the next couple of years and we are already set to work in 2 new countries in 2018. 

3) ilDance initiated and operates a junior company called ilYoung. The junior company operates on a pioneer and hybrid model which was specifically designed by ilDance’s directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer.

4) ilDance hosts local and international artists in residencies in Sweden in collaboration with partners and collaborators across the country.

5) ilDance has an advisory board which consist of brilliant and experienced individuals from the contemporary performing arts sector in Sweden and abroad.

6) The company’s name, ilDance, stands for Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer Contemporary Dance

7) As a core value, ilDance promotes transparency and inclusion of non dancer audiences in the making and rehearsing processes of contemporary dance.

8) The directors of ilDance, Aloni and Brummer, have an ongoing relationship and collaboration with partners and organisations in Australia. Due to this the two choreographers travel to Australia two or three times a year for a variety of activities which include choreographing, mentoring and teaching across Australia.

9) ilDance is also the Official Swedish Gaga branch. After years of working closely with the Gaga movement Ltd head office in Tel Aviv, ilDance developed to also become the first official Gaga branch of it’s kind.

10) Though ilDance is based in Gothenburg our outreach is vast and we both initiate and participate in exciting projects locally, nationally and internationally.

11) Our directors, Aloni and Brummer, have each been developing their choreographic practice on two different routes. Beyond establishing a joined method, they each also have their independent paths which differ from one another in context, form and structure. We believe that it is both the similarities and the differences between Aloni and Brummer’s independent practices that make ilDance and their collaborative work so powerful.

12) ilDance in formed on a coherent structure with 5 strands: New productions of contemporary dance, ilYoung - ilDance’s Junior Company, iCoDaCo - International Contemporary Dance Collective, ilEX Sweden-Australia & The Swedish Gaga Branch.

13) The directors of ilDance work closely with emerging artists who are at the dawn of their career. Brummer and Aloni mentor both dancers and young makers through their processes and development as choreographers and performers.

14) In 2015 ilDance went through a restructuring and rebranding process in collaboration with Swedish and international consultants. ilDance’s current website is designed by Gordon Bevridge and allows our visitors and users to conveniently and easily navigate their way around the site.

15) Our directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer first met when they were 15 years old. Ever since then their lives have intertwined in various ways routed in personal friendship and later developing into an artistic partnership.  

From The Mill Choreographic Lab, Adelaide, Australia.                                                                                                  Photo: Chris Herzfield

From The Mill Choreographic Lab, Adelaide, Australia.                                                                                                  Photo: Chris Herzfield