ilYoung 2019- We need you! by Lee Brummer

It’s crunch time and we could really use your help and support for ilYoung 2019!!

What are we doing?

Our junior company, ilYoung 2019, is developing a new production with ten young and emerging artists from Sweden and abroad. We are developing two new works for which the creative process began on the 1st July 2019. We have been working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week totalling 288 studio rehearsal hours. This does not include the many hours that go towards production, mentoring, performances, workshops and tour planning.

 How and why it all started…

We started ilYoung 7 years ago, creating successful projects every year and offering professional experience to young and emerging artists. We aim to assist these artists in the demanding transition between student and professional by equipping them with the mental, physical and creative tools necessary to dive into their professional careers. 

Every year since 2013, ilYoung has brought together ten young artists from Sweden and abroad to create a new production in a professional environment. This process takes place in residencies across Sweden and the company then tour the new creation nationwide. Throughout the entire process the artists are mentored and supported by professionals who are particularly experienced in working with emerging and young artists. 





The majority of the involved ilYoung artists have secured professional jobs working with companies such as GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, Royal Swedish Ballet, The Swedish Royal Dramatic theatre (Dramaten), Regionteater Väst and ilDance in Sweden and with companies abroad such as Nationaltheater Mannheim (Germany) Theater Osnabrück (Germany) Black Box Dance company (Denmark) Gwyn Emberton Dance (Wales) Chrysalis London (UK) and CATAPULT Dance (Australia). Additionally, many of these young artists have joined and/or initiated independent projects.


Why we need your help to reach our goal of 100,000 SEK

Despite this growing legacy and growing success and as an entirely independent company, ilYoung doesn’t receive regular financial support from any institution or official funding body in Sweden to run this project. As a result, the directors of ilDance, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer are required to start again from square one, every year.

The project is both invaluable for the contemporary dance field and provides immediate and clear development to young artists. We are extremely passionate to continue creating these opportunities for future generations of dance artists. This is where we need your help.

The money we acquire from this campaign will go towards paying the salaries of the creative team and covering costs of travel and accommodation for the company to tour nationally.  

We have managed to secure 350 000 SEK, constituting the resources to cover 78% of the total of this year’s costs. We need your help to cover the remaining 22% of our costs which total 100 000 SEK.

See specification, find out more and support us HERE

ilYoung- Open classes by Lee Brummer

ilDance welcomes local professional dance artists and advanced dance students to join our morning classes which will be led by the directors of ilDance and by visiting international guest artists, Lotem Regev (Israel), Marta Wołowiec (Poland) and Monika Świeca (Poland) this Summer.

For more information on classes in Gävleborg (16-26 July) click HERE
For more information on classes in Gothenburg (30 July-7 August) click HERE

Classes are free of charge!

For further enquiries please contact Lee Brummer via email:

Guest artist/teacher Lotem Regev

Guest artist/teacher Lotem Regev

March workshop with artists from iCoDaCo, Gothenburg by Lee Brummer

On the 31st March, ilDance, the Swedish partner organisation in iCoDaCo, is coordinating a unique workshop where professional artists can meet, move and exchange with the international collective of artists.  The workshop is suitable for professional dance artists, both performers and makers.

The workshop will include a warm up session followed by sharing and experimenting with an array of movement and choreographic methodologies which have been developed and utilised by iCoDaCo during the collective creation processes of “it will come later”. 

iCoDaCo developed specific approaches and creation methods which are informed and supported by the cultural and artistic diversity within the collective and these will be the main focus in the workshop. Read about iCoDaCo artists HERE

iCoDaCo is partially supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Program.

Register: Subject: Workshop It will come later.

Fee: 200 SEK

Members from Danscentreum Väst can participate free of charge.

Photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz

Photo: Katarzyna Machniewicz

A month of premieres and performances by Lee Brummer

March 2019 is a massive month at ilDance with 2 new premieres; Royal in Härnösand Sweden and My Body My Nation in Bristol, UK, both choreographed by Israel Aloni.

Alongside this we embark on the first leg of the international tour of iCoDaCo 2018-2020’s new work it will come later, which kicks off in Sweden.

Find our more information about each of these events on our Calendar HERE

Reflections from Hampus Bergenheim's creative residency at STRUT Dance in Perth, Australia by Lee Brummer

Hampus Bergenheim, the recipient of the OPPORTUNITY IN AUSTRALIA FOR ARTIST BASED IN SWEDEN, a collaboration between ilDance and STRUT Dance in Perth, Australia, has just concluded his three week stay in Perth.

Below you can find blog entries and reflections by Hampus from his time in Perth.

The Poetics of Could

The questions below each paragraph were formulated as speculative directions to myself in the Master Workshop lead by Jo Lloyd and Anny Mokotow in Perth (AU), the 12th of November – 23rd of November 2018. They were later on posed to stimulate an automatic writing practice to be contextualised by the experiences of my stay in Perth and the exploration on the potential of the indefinite that was present in the moment of writing. A procedure of collecting whatever caught my attention followed, which then took on the function of the stimulant for another session of automatic writing. The procedure of collecting has rendered the writing three times around. From there on, the content has been composed as if it was a dance with a conceptual contingency and a dramaturgy of intensities towards a text that attempts to remain in the potential of what it could be. 


Hegelians whispers. An end is the beginning. Moving towards until it appears in the past. Resonating as a nourishing ground. To lean into the future is on repeat. I hear a car accelerating. The pitch gets higher. Gears up. The pitch gets higher. 

What we face is over there. Abiding an agenda to be my landscape. Create purpose. Expose purpose. Which one is it? The purpose aligns with its crusader. No deviations. Adopt the other. Pursue significance. And make it yours. I am approaching what I have not found yet and what I approach transforms within the movement towards it. Consumption culture. Exhausting utility constructs a lack. 

It is so hard to choose a place to eat. - When things cannot exist for you.  

Does the becoming attempt to reproduce itself?


Material in emergence. An emergency. But don’t shortcut the beach walk that is there to be walked. Collect to collect for the collection. The picture is taken. 

I considered taking two cups of coffee this morning, being tired and wanting to enable the version of myself that presumably would contribute the most to the coming situation. Striving towards a sensation of validity known as external. The outside of the inside of the outside. A dance of incitements.

I am walking the same route every morning. It’s nice because I get to know it. Getting closer to google that bush that smells so interestingly.

Are we repetitions?


Looking for glasses. In the light, but they are in the dark. Why? It is too dark in the dark. Or when the charming jacuzzi was about to be prepared for the splendid sensation of bathing to arise. Being with the anticipation. Doing in a trajectory. Feel it. 

How do we condition for the possibility to do what we want to do? 


That which is satisfying with beauty. Pictures are taken. The medium of a tourist, and things appear as their stored version. Where to put it? Maybe in a beautiful dance piece. Let’s re-iterate virtuosic attributes whilst being conscious about the risk of re-producing conventional hierarchies. Maybe the convention has more to it. Maybe the convention is an illegible author for the commonness of knowledge. The main patriarch. Reclaim. And the sunshine in my peripheral view is having a duet with a bird singing to my right and beauty appears beautifully. How is it conveyed, performed and contextualized?

The act of avoidance is an activity in the roots of polarization and the normative criteria’s are infectious. The guitar string vibrates. Sustain.

What did you come here for?

What if the product is indeterminate in itself? 

Waking up on the horizon between the figured and the figuring. Domestic procedures, and I greet automatization. This must be the place where the definable come handy. Falling into its own arms, provoking a response. In resistance through an insistence. Freedom is conditioned. And I indulge in the feeling of anonymity, where forms are found in relation to the possibilities in the fluctuating given. I could, depending on the other. It could also be fun. - An open call for the calibration; where’s the suspension between Hampus and non-Hampus? 


Make a dance piece. Explore the process of commodification to disrupt the alienation of the labour and rather claim ownership from within of what is not already finite. It’s a task.  

What’s the mission?


Thinking out loud in a terrain less familiar gives rise to a greater gap between intention and expression. A growing ground for misunderstandings. A stimulus for poetics. Celebration. Listening to my own saying grants me access to an interpretation of its expression, evident for the contextualization’s ability to serve the content. This is constant. That might be called social awareness. But in an environment where the foundation on which I stand is less layered and balances on its own axis, the necessity of checking in with the circumscription of my saying tends to feel more significant. Is it?  

As the story continues, it is told how such instability is realized in the not-knowing. Realized as not invented nor summoned, but withdrawn from its pre-conscious existence. Enacting ambitions to dismantle normative assumptions through the attempt of communicating in ways that corresponds to the normative lens through which the receiver perceive. Ops. Betray the consolidation. Sustain a mode of being that relies less on the established, without losing depth. To intertwine context and content in production. Worlding (persistently). 

How do we prepare for performance?


The non-expected knowledge asks me how it smells. What shape it has. How I want it to behave. A beginner on the other side runs on the fuel of forgetting. The non-knowledge cannot hurt you and is extremely generous. Like when I got AFL described to me and it reached me before I had time to consider what got described. In retrospect, I could choose whether I knew it or not and maybe I did. It just got spoiled before the knowledge had time to realize its lack or sufficiency.   

Actions that derive from what might be. Things haven’t granted themselves. We are all guests. Timothy Morton. Have you heard about that person?  

Author of knowledge? 


Touch yourself. Hold your own hand. Which hand is the one that you are touching? Who are you? Karen Barad. I am zoning out as I am listening to the conversation at the table next to me. I can’t hear what they are saying, but I hear that they are saying. I attribute them my doing.  I put myself there. I place my ear at the middle of the table, like a meal for their supper. Transcending. They are speaking about a 4 year old, entering, yeah. Not just for itself. It is to be received. Distribute attention. Antennas. But it happened as a consequence. The perception is composed and the accessibility is up for grabs. Places of void to solidify. So where’s the reception to the Art Centre? It is there, at the surface of the content. Made for the centre’s adherence. Another option of itself. A self-embracement. 

Currently in an inner-city suburb. A non-centred infrastructural other. The place where cafés can be found. This is where you open your café. Facades of windows are fully open, turning the inside out and the outside in. It is becoming more of the representation of itself. And downtown, you will find H&M in the most glorious building. 

Making it real. Faking.  

Centre-less structure? 


It is the café-as-office phenomenon in the trendy strip of Leederville. Being just as much about clocking into a vibe as it is about having a good coffee. The soundscape is a cluster of different actions, however interlayered, like a cake of oneness. 

I attended the pride parade yesterday. I was struck by how intensively happy it made me. How the choreography of a manifestation can nourish the differential grounds of identity, dragging repressed personas of oneself as an emancipation of fictional insistence that gives rise to experiences of the realest real. The real-ease. The surrender. The exhale and its fellow friend called joy. I lost it. Forgetting.

What to empathize with?

ilYoung 2019 Audition by Lee Brummer

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 09.22.17.png

ilDance is an international and independent contemporary dance organisation which initiates and operates numerous pioneer and international projects. The organisation was founded in 2012 by its current directors, Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer and it is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. One of ilDance’s flagship projects is our project based junior company, ilYoung. 

ilYoung was established in 2013 with the ambition to create a context which would offer professional experience in contemporary dance practice, creation, production and performance to young dancers while they are still in their education/training journey. 

Every year ilDance holds auditions across Sweden and in Australia from which a total of ten dancers are invited to join the full time creation process of 6 weeks. 

During the creation process, the junior company members work with the directors of ilDance as well as international guest choreographers & teachers. The creation process is hosted in residencies across Sweden where the cast, choreographers and the creative team interact and engage with the local community in various satellite activities. Following the creation period, ilYoung tours with the new production across Sweden.

The cast members are mentored by the directors of ilDance throughout the project and after, with the goal to help pave each of the young artist’s individual path towards the practice and career and that they desirably aspire to.

2019 Will be the 7th year of the ilYoung project. 

Audition and registration dates: 

Gothenburg, Sweden: 28 October 2018 10.00-16.00  - Register by 22 October 2018

Stockholm, Sweden: 17 November 2017 10.00-17.00  - Register by 11 November 2018

Adelaide, Australia: 1 December 2018 10.00-16.00  - Register by 20 November 2018


*Auditions in Sweden are open only to people currently attending higher education programs in Sweden with at least 1 year remaining.

*Audition in Adelaide is only for current and recent graduates from AC Arts (up to 5 years) and specifically invited young artists from other regions of Australia.

Please register by sending your name and professional status (Sweden audition: Which school and year you are in. Australia audition: when and where you graduated) as well as which audition you plan to attend to

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 

We look forward to meeting you at the audition.

 The ilDance team. 

ilDance Gothenburg workshop - limited space available for professional dancers by Lee Brummer

The directors of ilDance will be holding a workshop in Gothenburg for professional dancers together with students of Balettakademien’s dance program. This will be a wonderful opportunity for artists to become more familiar with Aloni and Brummer’s methods and ilDance’s style as well as a chance for students and professionals to work together in the same space and learn from each other.

The workshop is free of charge and will take place on the 28th August between 09.00-12.00 at Balettakademien Gothenburg.

There are a limited number of spaces available for professional dancers, and places will be given on a first come first served basis.

For more information and to reserve a space please contact


Open company classes with ilYoung 2018 in Gislaved by Lee Brummer

Between the 30th July- 3rd September ilYoung 2018 will be in residency at Glashuset in Gislaved. This will be the last of our 6 week creation process of the new work "Q&A" by Rachel Erdos & Cast. 

While in Gisalved, ilDance will be offering free participation in open company classes. You can find out more and register for these classes by clicking HERE

Photo: Hedda Axelsson

Photo: Hedda Axelsson

Gaga/people classes in Gothenburg this August by Lee Brummer

Gaga people 2 Gadi Dagon .JPG

Registration is now open for Gaga/people classes in Gothenburg this August!

Classes will take place on the 6th, 9th and 21st August at 18.00-19.00 AT Spinnstudion (Järntorget 7, Gothenburg).

There are a limited number of spaces available, secure your spot now by registering HERE

ilYoung 2018 performances by Lee Brummer

ilDance’s junior company, ilYoung, tours across Sweden with the new work “Q&A” choreographed by Rachel Erdos and cast.

About the work:

Psychologist Arthur Aron, together with a group of research colleagues published the article "The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness.”(1977). Aron assembled 36 predefined questions designed for dialogue between two strangers so that they gradually become more and more personal. According to the study, openness to another person and placing oneself in a position of vulnerability develops strong intimacy that will lead to immediate love.   

Between a talk show and Sunday confession ‘Q&A' shares intimate moments from the performers’ lives and creates an event, more like a sharing than a traditional performance. Ultimately we are all looking for connections with other people. These 36 questions are a way of breaking down barriers and getting to know the individual. If we used this experiment and questions not only to find love but mutual understanding and a connection between people both within the same community and within different communities then we can increase understanding and tolerance.

Click HERE for ticket information. 

ilYoung 2018.jpg


ilDance is delighted to announce a brand new residency opportunity with our partners at STRUT Dance in Perth, Australia. 

In the second half of 2018, a Swedish based independent artist will be selected to travel to Perth, Australia and offered a creative residency with STRUT Dance. The residency duration will be for a minimum of two weeks, and must be based on the ideas and concepts proposed in the artist’s application (more info below).

During this research and development residency, the selected artist will have the possibility to collaborate with and involve local dance artists and embrace and indulge in this opportunity for artistic and cultural exchange. The local dance artists will be invited by our partners at STRUT Dance, based on the ideas and desires of the artist from Sweden.

In addition to the residency, the selected artist will have an opportunity to participate in a master workshop with an acclaimed national or international visionary choreographer or their team, through the STRUT Dance master workshops program (find out more HERE). 

The choice of the particular master workshop will be made in a dialogue between the selected artist and the teams at ilDance and STRUT Dance to fit the timeframe and travel plans of the travelling artist and the activity plan at STRUT Dance.

ilDance will cover the costs of the international travel (Sweden-Perth round trip) and accommodation for the residency period will be arranged by our local partners at STRUT Dance. Fees for the Master workshop are also accounted for by the organisers.

ilDance + STRUT .compressed.jpg



Please send all the requested material to

Deadline for applications: 28th Feb 2018

Please note: The application can be made in writing or by video.

Your application must be written or presented in English.

To apply please send:

  • Full name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address, telephone number. 
  • Biography (Max 2000 characters) 
  • A short artistic statement (2000 characters) 
  • Concept Proposal for the research and development residency (5000 characters).
  • Links to video of your previous and/or current work which represent your practice and voice as a dance artist. 

All of the above is mandatory, a partial application will not be valid.

You may send the application in a video format in which you will talk and present the points requested above (total video length max 5 min).

In this case, please upload your video to Vimeo or Youtube and send us an e mail with:

  • Full name, date of birth, home address, e-mail address, telephone number,
  • Link to your application video (and password if necessary)
  • Links to video of your current and/or previous work which represent your practice and/or voice as a dance artist.



To be eligible for the ilDance - STRUT Dance residency, the artist must:

  • Be registered and based in Sweden.
  • Be over the age of 18
  • Have a minimum of two years professional experience.   
  • Have NO history of a denied visa for travel to Australia 
  • Be an independent artist or on leave from ongoing employment in a Swedish institution
  • Understand that all additional costs apart from the mentioned above, will be under the sole responsibility of the travelling artist.

*All members of ilDance’s junior dance company, ilYoung, who are based in Sweden are also eligible to apply. 


STRUT Dance offers choreographers and dance practitioners the possibility to really engage with great national and international masters, the chance to work with collaborative partners in the making of their own performance, and the opportunity to put their work in front of a willing and informed audience. As a national organisation, STRUT is now open to all and continues to operate on three levels: BODY - COLLABORATION - PERFORMANCE

Brummer and Aloni in Adelaide, Australia by Lee Brummer

Directors of ilDance Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer are currently in Adelaide, Australia working with the graduating dance students at the Adelaide College of the Arts.

Aloni will be creating a new work I SAY YES while Brummer will be reworking The solution is temporary with the cast. The work originally premiered and toured in Sweden earlier this year.

The works will be presented in a double bill at AC Arts in Adelaide between 29 Nov- 2 Dec 2017. Read more about the works here:

I SAY YES is a journey through both the fantasy and the reality of matrimonial ceremonies. What is it in our mind that idealises white weddings? In 2013 Lee Brummer and I collaborated on the creation of a piece called ONCE UPON A HAPPILY EVER AFTER which examined how fairy tales influence the description of what love and marriage are,  how we experience relationships as we grow up. Now, I am approaching the notion of marriage again and looking at why most of our societies are so protective of heteronormative marriages and resist the fundamental right of humans to choose to share their lives with whomever has a mutual desire to wed them. I have realised that marriage equality debates are actually more concerned with "wedding equality”. No-one in western societies is asking for the permission of the authorities to share their life with their loved ones. It is more the civil and legal status that our societies seem to deny some people of. Despite remarkable progress in the collective consciousness of western societies in terms of nonconventional family structures, it is still the glorified white wedding that these same societies are so protective of.  I SAY YES opposes the protective approach to plasticised weddings and aspires to stretch the realm of what a wedding is and whether individuals need to wed in order to be married.- Israel Aloni.

The solution is temporary is a contemporary dance and physical theatre piece which uses text portraying individual personal stories as well as every day matters, moments and memories of a young adult. The work uses two pieces of spoken word poetry written by Doc Luben and Patrick Rouche. It is an episodic piece, with scenes from the two poems divided into smaller stories which all form to create the greater story. The direct referral to the text allows the work to explore personal and revealing moments in relation to weighty subjects such as death, alcoholism and sexual orientation, as well as every day moments and thoughts which pass us by constantly.

BACK 2 BACK on tour this October! by Lee Brummer

This October ilDance comes to Bastionen in Malmö and to Martin Mutter in Örebro with a new program: BACK 2 BACK.

The program, a captivating double bill of sensorial and powerful contemporary dance, consists of 2 works, Catharses (2014) by Israel Aloni and An I for an I  (2016) by Lee Brummer, which will be performed back to back by a brilliant cast. 

Dates, venues and tickets:

10th October 19.00- Bastionen Malmö TICKETS

11th October 19.00- Bastionen Malmö TICKETS

13th October 14.00 Martin Mutter Örebro (School performance)

13th October 19.00 Martin Mutter Örebro TICKETS

14th October 18.00 Martin Mutter Örebro TICKETS

More information can be found here: BASTIONEN, MARTIN MUTTER

15 Things you may not have known about ilDance by Lee Brummer


1) Since ilDance was founded in 2012, the company has worked in 12 out of 21 regions in Sweden. In the summer of 2017, we will be working in Jönköping & Östergötland two regions which we have not worked in before. 

2) In it’s five years of existence, ilDance has initiated and/or participated in projects and activities in 17 different countries. ilDance’s international activity will continue to expand over the next couple of years and we are already set to work in 2 new countries in 2018. 

3) ilDance initiated and operates a junior company called ilYoung. The junior company operates on a pioneer and hybrid model which was specifically designed by ilDance’s directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer.

4) ilDance hosts local and international artists in residencies in Sweden in collaboration with partners and collaborators across the country.

5) ilDance has an advisory board which consist of brilliant and experienced individuals from the contemporary performing arts sector in Sweden and abroad.

6) The company’s name, ilDance, stands for Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer Contemporary Dance

7) As a core value, ilDance promotes transparency and inclusion of non dancer audiences in the making and rehearsing processes of contemporary dance.

8) The directors of ilDance, Aloni and Brummer, have an ongoing relationship and collaboration with partners and organisations in Australia. Due to this the two choreographers travel to Australia two or three times a year for a variety of activities which include choreographing, mentoring and teaching across Australia.

9) ilDance is also the Official Swedish Gaga branch. After years of working closely with the Gaga movement Ltd head office in Tel Aviv, ilDance developed to also become the first official Gaga branch of it’s kind.

10) Though ilDance is based in Gothenburg our outreach is vast and we both initiate and participate in exciting projects locally, nationally and internationally.

11) Our directors, Aloni and Brummer, have each been developing their choreographic practice on two different routes. Beyond establishing a joined method, they each also have their independent paths which differ from one another in context, form and structure. We believe that it is both the similarities and the differences between Aloni and Brummer’s independent practices that make ilDance and their collaborative work so powerful.

12) ilDance in formed on a coherent structure with 5 strands: New productions of contemporary dance, ilYoung - ilDance’s Junior Company, iCoDaCo - International Contemporary Dance Collective, ilEX Sweden-Australia & The Swedish Gaga Branch.

13) The directors of ilDance work closely with emerging artists who are at the dawn of their career. Brummer and Aloni mentor both dancers and young makers through their processes and development as choreographers and performers.

14) In 2015 ilDance went through a restructuring and rebranding process in collaboration with Swedish and international consultants. ilDance’s current website is designed by Gordon Bevridge and allows our visitors and users to conveniently and easily navigate their way around the site.

15) Our directors Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer first met when they were 15 years old. Ever since then their lives have intertwined in various ways routed in personal friendship and later developing into an artistic partnership.  

From The Mill Choreographic Lab, Adelaide, Australia.                                                                                                  Photo: Chris Herzfield

From The Mill Choreographic Lab, Adelaide, Australia.                                                                                                  Photo: Chris Herzfield

ilDance initiates Gaga special event for Principals and high school teachers in Gothenburg by Lee Brummer

ilDance is initiating an afterwork gathering specially and specifically arranged for principles and high school teachers who are working in Gothenburg. This event will help one experience and learn more about Gaga Movement language. 

The event will take place on the 21st of March 2017 between 17:30 - 19:00

ilDance is constructing a pilot project which will introduce high school students in Gothenburg to Gaga movement language through participation in classes. The pilot project is the first step towards structuring a program which is the first of it’s kind. This program will include the sensational Gaga movement language as ongoing activity as part of the high school curriculum. 

We aspire to introduce Gaga into the education system in high schools as it would offer a rare form of physical activity, cognitive stimulant, body-brain connection enhancement, social equality and acceptance experience, liberation of creativity as well as a community feeling within the participating groups. 

No previous experience or knowledge about dance is necessary prior to participation in a Gaga class.

Gaga is a movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, the artistic director and choreographer of Batsheva Dance Company.

The language of Gaga originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, ever-changing power of movement. “We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement; we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are ready to snap, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.” -Ohad Naharin

To learn more about Gaga Movement language, please visit

For more information about the event, any questions or to register please contact 

Photo: Gadi Dagon

Photo: Gadi Dagon

Happy holidays from the ilDance team by Lee Brummer

Wishing all our friends and followers a glorious holiday season, whatever it is that you are celebrating and wherever in the world you are celebrating it.

We hope it's a wonderful end to 2016 and a beautiful start to 2017!

May a fruitful year full of adventures await us all!


The ilDance team 

Scholarships awarded to Israel Aloni & Lee Brummer by Lee Brummer

Both directors of ilDance, Israel Aloni & Lee Brummer, were awarded scholarships from KATZ to continue to generate and further indulge in ilDance's international activities and to collaborate with independent artists and organisations beyond borders. Aloni and Brummer are both very thankful for the recognition of the work that we at ilDance do and for KATZ's choice to support our upcoming projects.

Aloni & Brummer teaching at Yellow Wheel summer intensive Melbourne, Australia- Jan 2017 by Lee Brummer

Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer, directors of ilDance are more than delighted to announce that they will be joining Adam Wheeler, director of Melbourne based junior company Yellow Wheel for a summer intensive which is going to rock BIG TIME between the 9th-13th January 2017.

The summer intensive, a collaboration between ilDance, Yellow wheel and The Space Dance & Arts centre, will include two optional paths: The first for dancers, will focus on physical training, repertoire and becoming familiar with Aloni and Brummer's individual methods and styles. The second path is aimed at Dance educators and will involve methodology, the practise of teaching, the viewing of classes and feedback sessions, as well as physical classes and workshops with insight into the methods of the two choreographers and performers Lee Brummer and Israel Aloni.

Israel And Lee are very much looking forward to meeting young talents, practising performers and educators for this inspiring, fruitful and exciting week which will take place at Sign up now because your not going to want to miss it!