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Workshop: Joseph Lee in Krakow

A workshop with iCoDaCo artist Joseph Lee (Hong Kong) at KCC Dance Intensive in Krakow (Poland)

26th - 31st of August 2019
14:30 - 17:30
Krakow Choreographic Centre

Address: Nowa Huta Cultural Centre al. Jana Pawła II 232, 31-913 Kraków

Spaces inside/around/for Me

The workshop consists of physical exercises to build up comprehensive awareness of our body as well as the space it created and in relation to. By using different tools for improvisational tasks, participants will have points of departure for their imagination and finally points of arrival in their own body with their interests of research. The materials, qualities and ideas that they find in the process will then be further developed in different directions and forms with the use of choreographic mindset. It offers a chance and space for us to look closely, as well as distantly, into the physical body and the possibilities to bring that into the creative process in choreography. 


Joseph Lee & Lee Brummer in a photo by Harald Nilsson

Joseph Lee & Lee Brummer in a photo by Harald Nilsson

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