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IcoDaCo Satellite events in Gothenburg

At: BREWHOUSE, Åvägen 24, Goteborg. 

After the WORLD PREMIER of BABULUS, the international artists of iCoDaCo will meet and interact with the public in Gothenburg via a number of sattelite events and activities in the city.

On the 23rd Sep, there will be a rare opportunity to spend 5 hours with the international artists and additional experts to experiement and research the concept of communication. 

The day will include showing selected segments from the work BABULUS, participating in interactive workshops with the iCoDaCo artists and intercultural communicaiton expert - Kajsa Svensson, as well as participating in a public discussion about communication and its significance in our world today.

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BABULUS is co-produced by Göteborgs Dans -och Teaterfestival.