ilDance in Australia

A continuous artistic and cultural exchange between artists from Sweden and Australia.


We strive to create a virtual artistic dome between Sweden and Australia under which artists and public can share meaningful experiences that defy the geographical distance between these two countries.

Relating to the past, present and future of the societies living in the North and the South of our planet, we challenge the status quo of social, political, cultural and intellectual phenomenas relating to specific geographical regions.

Following our belief in the impactful power of contemporary dance and other correlated mechanisms, we aspire to create opportunities to overcome geographical distance by fostering artistic, intellectual and personal journeys across the world.

Israel Aloni and Lee Brummer are continuously involved in various projects in Australia. These include making new works for Australian companies, teaching and choreographing on students in universities nationwide, teaching workshops and open classes across the country as well as mentoring independent artists and arts facilitation organizations.

Parallel to that, ilDance invites and hosts Australian artists and culture facilitators to engage, create, share and explore art and culture in Sweden.

Since Dec 2013 Aloni and Brummer have continuously been building the foundation for new and exciting long term projects as well as engaging in various activities within already existing structures.

ilDance increasingly involves Australian artists in artistic developments and projects across Sweden. We are glad to have made it possible for Australian dancers to join the cast of our junior company – ilYoung, as well as having engaged Australian artists in some of the main company’s notable projects, such as GODLIKE.

We also offer great opportunities of exchange and correspondence of knowledge, methods and expertise by inviting Australian mentors and teachers to interact with local artists in Sweden.

For more information on any of our ongoing projects please contact us.